Grateful For Every Second

I first realized my love for clay when I was five; when my brother and I found clay in the creek behind our house in Macon Georgia. In elementary school I realized I had something to offer when my teachers and peers appreciated my artistic contributions for class projects, but wasn’t until I was in college that I first learned to throw a pot.

Creativity is a gift from God and it feels right to nurture the artist in me. I’m so grateful for every second that I am able to work so my abilities can continue to evolve. Its hard work, but I love when I get to play around, carving and sculpting up a new design. I use white porcelain and throw forms on the potter’s wheel, which are altered and carved into decorative orchid pots, functional mugs, bowls, boxes, and plates... Some of my glaze combinations are reminiscent of water, sand and driftwood. I love using porcelain because of how plastic when wet and it’s pure white color which beautifully reflects light and shadow off the design’s surface textures and glaze finish which looks so bright through the negative spa

I'm a member of Asheville Area Arts Council ("AAAC") and of Asheville's River Arts District ("RADA").