Greatful For Every Second Of It

Functional and Decorative Porcelain

Hand-building and wheel-throwing vessels; altering, piercing and carving them freehand, so each piece is unique… there’s nothing like it.I use Porcelain- it is very fine, creamy and fun to carve. Porcelain needs to be fired over 2268 degrees to vitrify into the purest white color. That’s why I often leave the outside of my vessels unglazed; the natural color and matte finish shows off the carved and textured surface work as well as the glossy color inside that pop through the negative spaces of my design.

I was very young - about four or five years old - when my big brother Memo (who was probably only seven at the time) and I walked down to the shallow creek behind our house in Macon, GA to dig for clay from the banks of the creek. We made mud pies and figures on the culvert and rocks.  I liked the feeling of squishing it through my hands and fingers, and how what we made would dry hard in the sun. Since then, I have always felt so relaxed making things out of clay.

I first learned to throw pots on the potter’s wheel at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, back in 1993. I studied Graphic Arts and worked as a freelance graphic artist & illustrator for local print shops and advertising agencies, but I missed the satisfying hands-on, free flowing feeling of physically creating something beautiful and useful with my hands.

And finally so many years later I found my calling. I thank God for every minute that I am able to spend working at it.