Greatful For Every Second Of It

My love for clay began when I was very young, about four or five years old when my big brother, William (Memo) took me on adventures down to the shallow creek behind our house. I would dig out the red Georgia clay from the banks of the creek, make mud pies on the rocks while Memo made dinosaurs and monsters figures. I remember how the creamy, wet clay felt in my hands and how the figures would dry solid. I always felt so relaxed and happy while making things out of clay.

I first learned to throw pots on the potters wheel at USA in Mobile, Alabama, in 1993 while studying for a BFA in Graphic Arts. I later began working as a freelance graphic artist/illustrator for local print shops and advertising agencies. Sitting at computer, generating graphics for print was lacking the satisfying hands-on free flowing feeling of physically creating something beautiful or useful by hand. But I needed to pay the bills..., so I accepted an international sales position. Then In 2000 my husband and I moved to Asheville, NC. I worked as a part time graphic designer and then passed my NC real estate broker’s license. I successfully built my real estate business and I kept my license current while I worked on rediscovering my creative side. I always love visiting Asheville’s River Arts District and for years my soul longed to be a part of their artist community. It took me 11+ years to do it and I have overcome the initial feelings of guilt, but I listed to my heart and went for it. I stopped working in real estate for five years, rented a studio space at Odyssey, joined the RADA River Arts District Association and The Odyssey Co-op Gallery and opened my Etsy shop.

For too long I had ignored my creativity which I feel was a gift from God. It was really lacking in my life. Now I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I am so happy and grateful for every second that I am able to work at it in my little studio.

I use white porcelain and throw forms on the potter’s wheel then alter by using by hands and fingers to manipulate the forms and cut out my designs.
My work is decorative and functional inspired by ocean life, and plant life.
I love using porcelain clay because it’s so smooth and wonderful to manipulate, and it is the purest white and the most durable when fired. It’s clean, bright finish shows off my carved surface textures and the glossy turquoise glazes pops through the negative spaces of my pierced designs.